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"...I would be awakened early in the morning with a sentence gently impressed on my mind, persisting until I arose and wrote down the thought. Then more words would rush in, to complete each sentence and message. I almost couldn't write fast enough. The messages are psalm-like, simple, easy to understand, conveying God's love and compassion."
— Constance Vanides

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God's Comfort
for Today's Needs

Messages that speak from the caring heart of God
to the hurting human heart

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Here are messages of comfort, edification and exhortation originally published in book form, but also quoted in ecumenical renewal magazines and newsletters and shared with churches and individuals in many parts of the world.

Simply choose one of the message titles from the Table of Contents for your journey with Jesus Christ, or look into the Topical Index (which is set up by Keywords) or the Alphabetical Listing of Messages. You may also return to the GodCares.org Home Page.

Many readers have received hope and encouragement after reading a particular selection. May you, too, discover a blessing.

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