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The Long Narrow Road

When I first called My disciples
to come and follow Me,
they accepted, obeyed and walked
wherever I walked,
observed all that I did and followed
each step along the way.
You, too, since I first called you
to come follow Me,
you also were obedient.
Your eyes were opened
to much that I showed you
as you moved forward in your walk.
The path continues, often long.
The days may be tiring.
But I continue to urge you on,
to be not weary in well-doing.
So long as you're with Me,
the road is straight,
But beware, lest distractions
make you stray from
so narrow a path.
Be alert and keep your eye
on the Light that shows the way.
I will lead you into
the brightness of My truths,
into the glory of God Himself!

© Constance Vanides
September 10, 2003


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