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“He commanded them not to depart from Jerusalem, but to
wait for the Promise of the Father....”
(Acts 1:4)

Prepare For Pentecost

I left them there on earth—
My disciples—gazing up
as I ascended in My resurrected body.
They could no longer see Me.
For I was received from there
at My Father’s right hand.
I left them on earth, just as you now remain,
not without hope, however.
I continue to send the Promise of the Father,
following your obedience to My command.
Keep on assembling and waiting,
anticipating the One to come in My place.
I send Him, not just to be with you,
but to fill you with My presence.
Is your temple ready, dear one,
to receive Me in you?

© Constance Vanides
October 23, 2006


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