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“But God composed the body, having given
greater honor to that part which lacks it,
that there should be no schism in the body,
but that the members should have the same
care for one to another.” “Now you are the body of
Christ, and members individually.”

(1 Corinthians 12:23,27)

Power To Change

Though you are but a small part
of My body on earth,
still, I need you and others like you
in whom I’ve placed My Spirit.
My gift to you is not for you alone.
It is to be shared with brothers
and sisters of My whole body.
Do not allow the evil one’s lies
to penetrate with thoughts that say,
“You are not good enough,” words
which prevent you from using
the gift to encourage the church.
They need your actions along
with the love I’ve also provided—
My gift and fruit together,
the power to change lives
for My kingdom!

© Constance Vanides
May 5, 2007


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