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Love As I Love

I've given you a company of friends,
those on whom you may call,
and they in turn may call on you.
This is My gift to you.
In receiving it, let it be
as I have meant it to be.
You do not face Me in the flesh.
But these are as if I am
in your presence face to face.
See beyond their externals,
See them as I see their inner hearts.
Greet them as I greet them,
with loving kindness, patience and gentleness.
For I have made each one
and have brought them to you
to show others who I am. ALL LOVE.
Can you do that also?
I am counting on you
to do just that in order for others
to come into My kingdom.
They will know who I am
by the love you show to one another.

©Constance Vanides
September 2, 2003


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