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"Now when the sun was setting, all those who had
anyone sick with various diseases brought them to Him;
and He laid His hands on every one of them and healed them."
(Luke 4:40)

Healing Prayer

"Teach us to pray," My disciples asked of Me.
I gave them "the Lord's Prayer."
And you pray well. But there is more to praying.
Just as I have shown, you are to do likewise.
I fill you with My compassion as you face
the one who needs My touch of life upon him.
Let your hands be as Mine, to touch the one
in My name and speak the word of healing
as I did to hurting ones. Believe, for I knew
My Father's will to bring new life to those
who sought Me, those who were brought to Me.
I still desire healing of body, soul and spirit.
I teach you if you are willing to learn and
surrender your own self to My will for you.
Speak boldly in My name for I have filled you
with Holy Spirit power to speak the words of life.
Just as I have done, so do likewise that the
glory of God may be known through all the world.

©Constance Vanides
May 25, 2008


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