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"Draw near to God and He will draw near to you."
(James 4:8)

Forever Mine

My promise still holds true.
As you draw close to Me
will I also draw closer to you.
In that closeness we will be as one.
And you will feel My peace, My love,
My joy filling you.
Release all into My care
for I am the best caregiver
you have and will ever have.
I know what's in your heart,
for you have given it to Me.
It is of more worth to Me than
the Magi's gift of gold presented
to honor My incarnate birth.
Your heart is My treasure, for you
give it freely, of your own will.
You breathe, and your life is as
sweet smelling incense to My nostrils.
I am intoxicated with your beauty
as I continue to gaze upon you.
No one can take you away from Me
for you are My beloved forever!

©Constance Vanides
December 20, 2010


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