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Time for Spring Planting

A Commentary by Constance Vanides

Though we had been taught at a workshop on Spiritual gifts regarding "Prophecy" and the "Word of Knowledge," my husband and I were completely astounded when both gifts were directly revealed to us.

It had been a time of decision for us. The question in both our minds, thinking independently but never expressed, was, “After five years in a church that makes us so uncomfortable, why don't we just leave and find a place more to our liking?” The question persisted, still unspoken between us, as we drove one afternoon to a prayer meeting where a few pastors and lay leaders, none from our congregation, would be gathering. Some we had never met.

We sat in the meeting room with the others. Before the meeting could even begin, the small gray-haired pastor from another denomination practically jumped from his seat, animatedly pointed his finger at Tom and me, boldly saying, “Under NO circumstances are you to leave that church! You are seed corn!” We were astonished because we hadn't said anything about leaving the church to anyone, not even to each other! Besides, we didn't know what he meant. Since we were both “city folk”, he explained that seed corn is the seed that is planted in order to grow crops.

Then we understood this was God's way of directing us to continue where we were, sowing the truths of His word so they may germinate and grow.

We not only became formal members of that church, we participated in prayer groups, led bible studies, shared the messages the Lord had given me (many of which are on this web site), served coffee after worship times, fellowshipped and were elected church officers! In short, we were obedient. We followed as the Lord directed.

God would bring others to fertilize, water, till the soil and hopefully harvest the crop!

“But the ones that fell on the good ground are those who,
having heard the word with a noble and good heart,
keep it and bear fruit with patience.”

(Luke 8:15)

Sowing Seeds

I have prepared the soil ahead in
that one who is ready to receive
the seed I’ve given you to plant.
Never think it is your own doing alone
which brings that one to know Me
in the fullness of the Spirit.
I prepare your own heart with,
not only the desire to serve Me,
but have also grown in you the fruit
of patience, love and gentleness, enough to
show others what more I desire for them.
Never push ahead of Me. Wait for the timing
made perfect in the Spirit.
Then you will know the works are
from Me and not of you to boast.
Give God the full glory!

© Constance Vanides
"Sowing Seeds" originally published December 19, 2008

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© Constance Vanides