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God's Will in Today's World

Trust Not in Man's Might

Trust not in chariots
nor in man's might to save.
I only am your deliverer.
Believe only in Me
and the power of My might.
For I created the heavens and the earth
and all that dwells therein.
Can I not also destroy
when man has gone astray
and has turned his back on Me?
But I have heard the cries
of intercessors for the land
and I would have compassion
on those whom
I would have compassion.
My ways are past understanding
to the mind not centered upon Me.
Neither can you comprehend My love
nor fathom things too deep.
I will not disappoint.
You need only present yourself,
believing that I Am, and trust.

Trust in the Lord with all your heart,
And lean not on your own understanding

(Proverbs 3:5)

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