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God's Will in Today's World

Reach Out

The blessing of the Lord
is to reach out in care.
So reach, My beloved;
reach to those who need My touch.
Reach to those who hurt,
who need My healing.
Let your arms surround the wounded one
and let your tears
show My concern for him.
Reach out to feed the hungry,
to give water to a thirsting one.
Reach out in prayer
for those without hope.
I will hear. I will hear!
Reach, reach as far as your heart will go
to those imprisoned by their fears,
to those who know not Me,
but yearn to be set free.
And if your arms
are not made long enough,
you can use Mine instead.
They cover the whole wide world!

"I was naked and you clothed Me;
I was sick and you visited Me;
I was in prison and you came to Me."

(Matthew 25:36)

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